Zombie Killer Cocktail

Place all the ingredients in a cocktails shaker with crushed ice. Shake and serve while sitting down!!!! Thanks to Dingwalls, Camden, London (happy hour was very happy) circa 1979 for the memory

Serves: 2
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By: Susan Ford
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Thanks David for mentioning Peppermint Park, brought back many memories - I'd forgotten the name. Those were the days, no car but in posession of a train ticket or Red Bus Rover and you never really worried about how much you had consumed. Hips have damn well remembered tho!
by Toona

I had a Zombie Killer in Peppermint Park in St Martin's Lane, London, many years ago. Fantastic and I don't even like rum!
by David Aherne

Billy Connolly once made a comment about the 'Zombie'. He was right - you do get drunk from the legs up. Your head works okay but you find you can't walk straight, Beware! Tastes mighty fine though
by Toona