The Chelsey Trigg Cocktail

In a container add one shot of Absolut Raspberry, one shot Absolut Vodka, one shot Raspberry liquer and one shot Triple sec. Fill the container completely with ice and shake for a minute or so.
In the glass to serve in place the raspberry at the bottom of the glass and drain the mixed spirits into the glass until it is half full and then top up with Pink Lemonade.
The Chelsey Trigg is a perfect drink for a girls night out or to just get you wasted.

Serves: 2
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By: Chelsey Trigg
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HAHAHAHA I LOVE YOU CHELS X also this sounds tasty. make me one. x

i had never herd of this 1 before but now its my favorite!!! really tastey and gets you drunk quick hehe thankyou!
by linda morgens