Strawberry Daiquiri Cocktail

Pour the rum, crème de fraises, lemon juice, strawberries and ice into a blender and process at slow speed for 5 seconds, then at high speed for 20 seconds. Pour into a chilled glass.

Serves: 1
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Definatley needs 2 parts rum and 1 part Grenadine!
by Jennifer

needs more rum to this will be good very nice drink in deed
by david

This drink was very nice but the recipe needs a little bit more rum for my liking
by Henman0112

oh my god the drink just sildes down you throat, very refreshing, what a gorgeous drink.
by julie

Mmmmmm. . .
by Andy

Had This Drink On A Weekend Away. . Totally Fell In Love With It. . . :-D ! End Up Drinkin Too Much Of It Tho :-P
by Amy

simply GORGEOUS! i would recommend this to anyone!
by elle knapleigh

THE BEST DRINK IN THE WORLDtried it on holiday. . . fell in love with it. . . drank i evey oght. <3
by Ellie

fruity. . start as you mean to carry on!
by Charlotte Portelli

this is a wonderful drink, very soft and mellow, sip whole night and relax, so divine
by twincam

This drink is yummy, nice wiht alcohol or as a non-alcoholic drink too!!
by Sarah J

I use. . rum, vodka, lime cordial, crushed ice, tinned strawberries in fruit juice. Blitz all together in blender. . . . beautiful
by Nicki

cant find creme de fraises, I use teaspoon of sugar syrup.
by richard

Hmm delicious drink. . but tastes better with vodka instead of rum!
by Ling the Lovey