pink kangaroo Cocktail

a shot of tequila 2 shots of vodka, pint of cider pint of orange and top up with craberry juice or blackcurrent juice, best with blackcurrent

Serves: 1
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By: caz roberts
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We make it like this you need a pint glass Double Vodka Half Pint Cider Dash Blackcurrent Dash Lime Shot of Advocatt topped up with Lemononade
by Bubbles

you got it all wrong, it's half a cider, vodka, pernod and black, snowball and topped up with lemonade, if made right, the straw should stand up straight and effect by itself. =)
by Reyan'Louise

We use to have them at our local, and were made from shot of vodka, half a cider, bottle of snowball and blackurrant.
by Jamie

This isn't how we used to do it!
by Emma

Pink Kangaroo's are AWESOME!!
by Rachael