Pina Colada Cocktail

Blend all the ingredients in a blender until smooth. Pour over ice into a highball glass.

Serves: 1
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This drink tops all drinks. my best memory was sitting by the pool bar in mexico's moon palace resort on my honeymoon, tasty wife in one arm, pina colada in the other. Need I say more!!!
by Sarjeant

I normally love this drink but had one in Hong Kong recently and it was ugh!! Like drinking cold milk with just a smiggen of alcohol! It also cost 15. 00 too !
by Drunk Again!

Don't have one of these in Hong Kong. Its like drinking milk with a dash of alcohol in it. It was uck and it cost 15. 00 !!
by Drunk Again! lol

I had my 1st one when on honeymoon in Mauritius and couldn't get enough. My all time fav!
by Lezel

i loved drinking pina coladas and getting caught in the rain!
by Linzi

this drink was the best part of my mexican holiday
by katrina baker

Another one of my all time favourite cocktails. With lots of crushed ice its perfect for a hot Summers day when you want to cool down and it tastes fantastic.
by Denise

i love dis drink, ive had it a few times, i had it once at a restaurant where they used bacardi n it woz so nice!!
by Gem

This is one of those cocktails you either love or hate. . . personally I love it!!!!!
by Michael Craig

wonderful drink i first had this on holiday in the dominican republic i now make it at home with pinapple and coconut juice what you can get in tescos in a carton barcardi and crushed ice all in the blender for 5 minutes beautiful!!!
by sam

i realy love with tradicional batida de coco,instead coconut cream
by portugal on the rocks

There ar various ways of making this rather popular drink, but it does tend to be a bit sickly after the first two.
by Chantelle


people who love taste the cocktail 'PINA COLADA' is good selection for them. . . . .
by kanishka

Sometimes alcohol makes me feel a bit ill- pina colada doesn't, so I like it!
by gill

PINA COLADAS are the best drink in the whole wide world! OMG! I am totally underage so I only drink them without alchol! IF U LIKE PINA COLADAS! WOO HOO!
by Lacey!