Official Bullfrog Cocktail

The Bullfrog begins with a pint glass filled with ice. You then fill with Gin, Tequila, Vodka and Bacardi (All white spirits) and Blue Curaco. Then fill up to top with a tin of Red Bull - Give it a stir and presto!

Serves: 1
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By: Euan Cameron
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well well well. . i went to dubai last year and stayed with a friend that lives there. . He introdruced me to the wonderful bullfrog!!i've been trying to find out whats it in since i've been back. . i will definatly be making myself some of these more often now i know how to make them! :)

Definitely the drink of choice to get utterly sloshed out of your mind. . . loved it in Bahrain and have been looking for the recipe ever since! It's time to spread the brilliance to the US!
by Sandra

BullFrogs kicked off in Dubai in the mid 90's - namely Rock Bottom Cafe! After spending 11 years in Dubai, I've seen them spread to Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Singapore, Malaysia and now we getting them into mainstream Australia. Still a bit underground but facebook groups are helping promote the drink all around! MY WEAKNESS - the mighty BULLFROG!
by Nic the DiVer

Stationed in Bahrain and been to Dubai. . . and The Bullfrog has been there with me all the way and always helps the night blurr through. great drink and this is a great recipe.
by Bobby

Edmar said 'no falling over' my a*s i have a broken leg but that was after 15 (bullfrogs the way ahead)
by Jason

been trying to find this recipe for a while, after living in dubai, no drink goes over the same like a bullfrog
by andy

A great way to completely forget who you are and where you live. . . But don't expect to be able to sleep off your hangover!
by Loopy

Amazing how even after 10 pints there is no falling over. The Red Bull keeps you on your legs all night long. Healthy alternative in a drug free country!
by Edmar

10 pints of 'Bully', a good game of 'Pigs'. . . . . . . . . . . . BRILLIANT !?
by Julian White

The true home of the 'Bully' - we pride ourselves on the quality of our bullfrogs using the finest king george vodka and king edward gin. We guarantee a very enjoyable buz and an interesting coloured output the following morning.
by 'The Old Ludensian'

Not to be taken mid week. Extremely thirst quenching during those long hot nights. Miraculously turns men into Brad Pitt lookalikes.
by Jules

I like to call the bullfrog a pick me up. After a good session on the beer I can always count on the bullfrog to pick me up. . . and throw me back down.
by Dan Dan the IT Man

The connoisseurs choice for getting legless. A must have drink to complete you and your night.
by Big Jim

It has taken some time to hit the rest of the world, but in Dubai, people have been 'victimised' with this drink for years Be warned, although it appears and tastes like a soft drink, it is venomous to the extreme! A classic drink, I highly reommend it. Has interesting after-effects.
by Andy the Great