Lynchburg Lemonade Cocktail

Shake all the ingredients (except the lemonade) with cracked ice. Strain and pour into a tumbler. Top up with the lemonade.

Serves: 1
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What! make it with JD thats why its called lynchburg, thats where JD comes from. . . its the bartenders favourite in my place!
by chris from leeds

Id have to agree with "a real bartender", it is made with bourbon, in the bar I work at we use JD. A quality cocktail tho, and if u prefer something a bit more fruity try the Rasberry Lynchburg - jus sub the triple sec with Chambord and add a couple of rasberries - v. nice
by Michael Craig

im very sorry but a lynchberg lemonade is made with bourbon not whiskey :)
by a real bartender

Stunningly delicious drink. The lemon & triple sec draws the unwary in, only for the kick of the whiskey (my preference is JD or Jim Beam) to catch them offguard. I love it, I can't stress that enough. The sort of drink that belies it's true intentions: getting you drunk. Try it at least once.
by Phil Young