Garden Mary Cocktail

Take tomato juice, ice cubes, 2 sticks of celery, a handfull of fresh watercress and a pinch of rocquet and put into a blender. Add lemon, tabasco and worcestershire and blend.

pour vodka over ice cubes in a high ball and pour over the bloody mary mix and top off with a dash of sherry stir slightly and serve.

Serves: 2
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By: angus murray
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Such zest. Such piquancy and yet the most refreshing pick me up i've ever had in the morning. Less of a cocktail and more of the beginning of a franchise. Thanks guys!
by Richard Murray

ok, so i posted this but im gonna coment anyway. i know its a bit time consuming so perhaps not the best for a bar but it takes the hangover away like nothing else. the watercress gives it a freshness you cant beat
by angus