Dry Martini Cocktail

Put the ice cubes into a mixing glass. Pour the vermouth and gin over the ice and stir (never shake) vigorously and evenly without splashing. Then strain into a chilled cocktail glass.

Serve with a green olive and a straw.

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The martini is the thoroughbred of all cocktails. Must be DRY vermouth, not the sweet crap! Serve cold enough to crack teeth. The 'classic' is the real McCoy, flavoured martinis are just wanna-be's.
by PsychoBob

The Matini what a Drink!!! Only should be made iwth good booze like Millers westborn gin or the gray goose vodka. Never shake the drink, and flash the ice with vermouth!Eating the olive after is the other high.
by chris from leeds

I love a really dry vodka martini. My favourite bartender makes one smoother than silk (but does he share his technique? Oh no!) I supose the technique is much the same as with gin but I do know that he shakes it like MAD. I can never get mine anywhere near as smooth (though I've had a few fun nights trying!) 'Anyone have any suggestions? I use Martini and Rossi vermouth.
by theDarla

interesting turn- i have always served martinis as a splash of dry vermouth with a generous serve of gin which has been shaken with the oil of a lemon ring. to make a dry dry martini the 'purists' prefer the vermouth to be poured in and then out again (so it lines the glass)
by rickie-Leanne

BTW - The only superior truth about any good martini is that it has to be atleast several degrees below where hell freezes over and even then its too warm, ah yea only use good gin (bombay is not a good gin).
by Mike

Reply to A O'Mahoney: There are no 'right' quantities for a Martini. The modern dry martini is different in concept to the very sweet one invented in the Knickerbocker Hotel (which was half/half gin and Noilly Prat plus orange bitters btw). Today they are as dry or sweet as one wants them but usualy only coat the ice with the vermouth (by shaking) discard the rest, the more verwouth out the drier is the drink, add the gin stir like crazy and strain into cold glass.
by Mike

See my letter 04:10:03 in the U. K. Independent newspaper - A Martini, is a Martini, is a Martini!! Your quantities are a bit wrong and A PROPER MARTINI IS GENERALLY MADE FROM NOILLY - THE COCKTAIL IS NAMED AFTER ITS' INVENTOR; A NEW YORK BARTENDER CALLED MARTINI! Forgive me for shouting but nobody took me to task when the Harry's Bar Martini recipe was quoted by me in a major national newspaper. Your 'Martini' would not be dry enough.
by Andrew O'Mahoney