Cuba Libre Cocktail

Pour the rum and lime juice over the ice. Top up with cola.

Serves: 1
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it one of my lovely drink rum you can mixed with enything it never make you mad
by mufli

This drink is improved no end by the addition of a couple of dashes of Angosturs bitters. I never have it without.
by Seadog

Gorgeous drink!! Drunk them everyday in Cuba!! Yum mmmm
by Jen

Made with havana club, crushed ice and i (personally)love it with the lime muddled in first. all this together makes it a prefect summer drink
by Mike

It's a defianate winter warmer, brings out the cuban in all of us!
by Susan Fysh

this drink is great . . used to drink this alot in cuba! havana club is the only rum u can use in this lol nuthing else beats it
by Yazz

simple, yet effective, and probably without people knowing it, actually one of the most popular cocktails. however, it must be made with havana club, the only official cuban rum.
by Chris Kitson (mixologist)

Damn nice cocktail, and so very easy to make. Although it must be made with havana club rum. . . and drunk on the patio of the national hotel in Havana, Cuba.
by Robert Rowan

Use Havana Club (Cuban kerosene) or a Jamaican Rum (Appleton) Coke LimeBacardi is the ***** of rums
by vk