Cosmopolitan Cocktail

Shake all the ingredients with cracked ice. Pour into a cocktail glass.

Serves: 1
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i'll feed em to the pigs shall i?
by Harold

. . . ,,its fabulous . . all girls gone wild with this cocktail drink . . . especially when i make it . . . , ?
by bojojoh

This can be a great fun cocktail to make if you flambé an orange peel over the top. Cut an inch wide, 2 inch long strip of orange peel. Hold the orange peel in your thumb and forefinger and hold lighter in front (just touching) for about 3 seconds, then squeeze the peel hard, releasing all the oils which light and set fire. Then wipe around rim of glass and drop in, skin side up. Brilliant garnish!
by Dickon Morris

This drink went down a storm at a recent cocktail party, enjoy.
by Teresa Geraghty

its a nice and good drink there r no more comments
by meganadh

i love cosmopoltian due to me being a fat barbie!!!
by Steph mc evoy

Actually rather bland in all honesty and only popular due to its pink colour and fame from Sex and the city. Vodka drinkers will probably find drinks like a brown hen or russian seven far tastier if not as physically attractive or fashionable.
by Steve Porter

Delicious, perfect combination.
by Geoff & Julie

Perfect cosmo:50ml Absolut raspberri35ml Cointreauhalf a lime squeased75ml Cranberry juicePut all the ingredients into a boston shaker, muddle in 2 strawberries, add Ice and shake quick and hard, fine strain into a tall martini glass that has been rimmed with sugar, zest with orange peel, and garnish with a slice of strawberry! Perfecto!!
by flair it up!

This drink is just fantastic so sex in the city!
by Char

We liked it but it was really strong so added a couple of parts of tonic water and another part of cranberry - it went down a treat!
by Fiona

too much cranberry original recipe was pink but too often cosmos are served red now. Also must be served w/ lemon vodka. Interesting variant is the Metropolitan w/ kurrant vodka. Flaming orange to finish.
by kris

this is the best drink ever !!! especially if you go to the LOUNGE in LARGS they make a killer cosmo .
by bella

Finish it off by cutting a circle of orange peel, bending it so it is concave and using a lighter to heat it up, after about 10 sec it will spit if u then point it at the glass and squeeze the oils in the orange peel will ignite in a big fireball and coat the surface of the drink giving a nice zesty taste, oh and dnt remove the lighter when u squeeze
by Ben

Try make it with 1 1/2 parts cointreau, and 1 part vodka (instead of vice versa), add a few drops of sweet n sour mix, its beautiful
by Tom Caton

For a single serve in a martini glass you can assume 1 part = either 25ml or 35ml depending on the size of your glassware and on how generous you want to be!
by RacingGreen

Re. first comment. . a part is whatever you want it to be, that's the point. It depends on how many drinks you want to make. As long as the ratios remain the same then it doesn't matter what the measurement is. Just use one and a half times as much vodka as you do cranberry and cointreau. Not too difficult.
by Cosmoboy

Think sophistication, think Cosmo; it's that simple.
by Ann-Marie

When you say part, how much do you mean? a part could mean anything!!!!!!how much in ml?
by SwanseBarman

I drink these all the time thanks to Sex & thr City. . . . DE-LISH!
by Fiona

This is the nicest drink ever I first got aquainted in the carribaen and have been hooked ever since must admit its nasty if not mixed properly but perfectly yummie when mixed well!!
by kerry

Reminds of the a day by the pool in sunny Florida. . .
by Rose

very tasty,great after taste, the lime juice makes all the difference if prepared correctly.
by catherine

this is such a chic drink, typical sex and the city and whoever drinks it gets my vote, carrie bradshaw all the way!
by hayley

Very sharp, extremely tasty drink (when made correctly - which unfortunately doesnt seem to be that often!) *****
by Michael Craig

A new age "chic" classic. a versatile drink, gorgeous if made correctly. alot of argument over the perfect garnish. flamed orange peel makes all the difference.
by Chris Kitson (mixologist)

Got it's perfest PR via the SATC gals. A cocktail classic which when mixed right is the best
by Karen M

What Would we do without 'Sex and the city' *** Best Cocktail Ever. . . . . .
by Polly

I love this drink, its got a sharp edge but a very smooth and fruity taste. I have about four or five in a night out and it tastes just as good as it looks. This is a real elegance drink strictly for the ladies who know they have style and wish to ooze sophistication and glamour!
by Joanna

The Indigo Bar in Chinatown, Honolulu, presents the mandarin cosmo (using Absolut Mandarin) for the vodka part. Ask barman George for it - its not on the menu.
by Drew Lynch

I made this with white cranberry juice. It was preferred by most as it was not overy sweet.
by David


To Epsimax: Look in frozen section of grocer. It is hard to find, but some stores do have the pure jucie and not the 'coctail' version. You can also look in the natural foods section and find unsweetened pure cranberry juice.
by mellan

Easy to drink and beautiful color its good for party,
by tomi

Hi I'm french and i try to find cranberry juice but it's verry hard to find it. Anybody know how i can find it or can i subsitute it?
by Epsimax

Yes Yes Yes I love this drink.
by RDK