BMW Cocktail

Add ice to a glass. Add each ingredient starting with irish cream (baileys) followed by the other two.
Stir and serve.

Serves: 1
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By: John Parker
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DOUG: answer to your question, you are best using a bourbon whiskey for this cocktail
by Chris

yeah, i agree with Mark! a brilliant drink with brandy, nice and sweet!
by elle knapleigh

Anyone know what whisky to use? Scotch, bourbon, rye?
by Doug

I got a cocktail set for crimbo and several recipies, being a student i opted for the recipie wiv the least amount of alchol to buy, this was the BMW. It is a creamy drink with a sudden kick that when you have had more than 3 you go to stand up and fall over!
by Gem

I was introduced to BMW's at uni but with brandy not baileys. Fantastic with brandy, nice sweet drink that will get you nicely drunk.
by Mark

It is a smooth drink best enjoyed over ice. You will never tire of it because of its creamy but very alcoholic content. Enjoyed best when drunk in great quantity!!!! I discovered it in uni and have never looked back.
by Alex