VacuVin Flexible Wine Rack

Free UK Delivery The trouble with wine racks is that they are very stale - they just sit there and always look the same. Fine, they do their job, but in a world filled with multi-tasking gadgets we need more from everything!

At first glance the VacuVin Flexible Wine Rack appears to be just like any standard wine rack, but upon further inspection you will find that it can be morphed into a variety of shapes! If you're bored with the standard triangular stacking tower, simply shift the Flexible Wine Rack around a bit and in seconds you'll have a different way to display your bottles!

The VacuVin Flexible Wine Rack consists of 16 parts that easily fit together. The default 'shape' is a long string of 6 holes, from there you can use the supplied guide to create some amazing shapes to suit your home. If you have more than one Flexible Wine Rack then the possibilities begin to expand even further!

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