Thirst Aid Beer Helmet

Free UK Delivery It's a well-known and world-acknowledged fact that alcohol is a very good thing. It helps us to sing, to be creative, to lose our inhibitions and brings people together. What better invention can there be?

There is only one real downside – the fact that we need to carry it around, in between drinking. From the perennial pint glass to the cumbersome cocktail container, a common strand is that we have to hold the glass. This, as we're sure you can see, is not ideal. For example, when gesticulating wildly, you’re liable to spill your drink. Equally, performing a Mexican wave at Twickenham whilst clutching a can is likely to upset the person sitting behind you.

That's where this thirst aid helmet comes in. Holding two standard cans of drink, you can enjoy both at once through the straw, providing you with double the refreshment with none of the effort. Colour varies between blue, yellow, white, and red.

Please Note: Hat colours are selected at random when they are dispatched.

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