Superior Sensis Plus Wine Glasses 21.1oz / 600ml

Free UK Delivery Breathable Wine GlassThe traditional technique of decanting wine helps to aerate the drink and release the hidden aromas and flavours that are lost when poured straight into a glass. The new technology in the manufacture of the Superior Sensis Plus Wine Glass quickens this process allowing you to enjoy the full flavour of your wine sooner.

Usually you would have to decant wine and leave it to aerate for anything up to 1 to 2 hours before serving to ensure the best tastes and smells are released. When wine is poured into one of the Superior Sensis Plus Wine Glasses, the aeration process will occur in a mere 2 to 4 minutes, allowing you to enjoy your chosen tipple much sooner.

The Superior is so called because of it's large size, this is made especially for reds to give you more room to swirl the wine around the bowl and release even more of the aromas and flavours contained within. Of course with the extra large capacity, those of us that prefer to get straight down to the drinking can top up with a little bit extra!

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