Shot Float Kit

Free UK Delivery If you've ever tried to make a layered cocktail you'll appreciate how hard it can be! Once you've assembled your assorted alcohol, you could spend an age trying to pour the different layers over the back of a spoon to build up your precious work of art. Then, just as you've finished, someone would saunter over and gulp it down in a matter of seconds!

If you work behind a bar, then you will be familiar with the time constraints involved in serving drinks! When there are hoardes of people clamouring for shooters, you can't take your time preparing drink after drink - you need to supply what the public demands!

The Shotfloat kit provides you with a simple solution to creating a layered shot in a fraction of the time! No need to mess about with a spoon, simply put the Shotfloat in your glass, and pour your liqueurs over the top using the included pourers. Before you know it, you'll have a perfectly created layered shot!

This kit even includes a list of shooter recipes that you can try out, so whether you use the Shotfloat at home or behind a bar, you will always have ideas for exciting shots!

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