Ice Bag Message Pro

Free UK Delivery When it comes to parties and events, one of the little niggling things is having to constantly get up to refill your drink. You're over here, the bar is over there, it just doesn't add up.

There is always an ice bucket, but what if you want to go a bit further afield? Lugging a chunky ice bucket around with you just isn't an option. If you fancy taking a wander and taking your chilled bottle with you, the Ice Bag is here to save the day.

The Ice Bag manages to fool you with it's delicate look, this strong little bag is completely water-tight and can hold one bottle of your favourite wine or champagne.

Simply put in your chosen bottle and pad out the Ice Bag with fresh water and ice cubes and voila! You now have a portable ice bucket! This bag features a flyer pocket in the front, ideal for providing your customers with event information or promoting your business.

Already used by major events such as Doncaster Racecourse, the Ice Bag is also perfect for more domestic use such as short picnics, or hosting a garden party. The Ice Bag enables people to travel without the hassle of making their way back to the bar to top up!

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