Ice Appliance Ice Maker

Free UK Delivery The portable design of the Ice Appliance Ice Maker makes it the ideal solution for parties, where ice is a necessity for drinks and champagne buckets. Simply fill up this little beauty with water and in 10 minutes you will have some ice cubes to offer to your party guests!

Popular for its portability, the Ice Appliance Ice Maker is excellent for all kinds of parties, including outdoor barbeques. It can easily be transported from room to room, making it ideal for a variety of functions and events.

No need to use ice cube trays again, save hours with the Ice Appliance Ice Maker. The machine will continue to stay full with ice until an alarm will remind you that you need to refill the 2 litre water tank. When the ice in the ice storage compartment melts the machine will automatically restart so that it is constantly filled with new ice cubes in the size of your choice!

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