ICED Acrylic Martini Glasses 10oz / 285ml

Free UK Delivery If you're a fan of a swift martini on special occasions, then you will know that not only is it better shaken than stirred, but it is also ideal served chilled. It's common practice to chill your glass before you serve a martini so the cool temperature is retained for a bit longer.

When you're being sociable at a party then you'll probably spend more time mingling than you will sipping from your glass, so your drink will warm before you've managed to enjoy it! Also, if you fancy heading back to the bar for another martini then you'll need to get another chilled glass and start from scratch, creating a pile of used glasses you've got to wash!

To help ease your chilled martini drinking struggle, the ICED Martini Glasses are the freezable, reusable solution. Simply place your pair of ICED Martini Glasses upside-down in the freezer for a few hours and the special liquid that is contained inside the double-wall construction will freeze.

Now you have the ideal piece of stemware to serve your martinis and other cocktails in, with the piece-of-mind that your drink will stay chilled for longer. There's no need to add ice to your cocktails anymore, the ICED Martini Glasses will help retain the full flavoured taste of your cocktail.

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