Hot Shot Glasses 1.2oz / 35ml

Free UK Delivery Whoever came up with the idea for shooters deserves some sort of award for services to going out, or even staying in!

Either way, shooters rule, be they intricate layered drinks, such as the infamous B52, or simply a splash of Aftershock - anything that tastes good and you can knock back in one.

Don't get us wrong - there is very little that can beat sipping at a refreshing cocktail with some friends, but for sheer enjoyment, the thrill of a shooter produces a tango for your taste-buds like little else can.

But it stands to reason that you can't make a shooter in just any old glass.

It’s all very well perfectly layering your drink, but if you’ve done it in a pint glass, it’s not going to go down very well. Or if it does, it’ll be the last thing you remember for the night.

No, what you need is a set of glasses like these. Each glass is ideal for holding the perfect shooter.

Never again will you cast around in vain for the right receptacle. With these to hand, every night can be a shooter night!

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