Hands Free Wine Glass Holders

Free UK Delivery One of the great English traditions is the picnic. Be it at the beach, in the park, in some nearby and convenient fields or simply one’s lounge, the neighbourhood sadly lacking in green spaces, Brits up and down the country pack sandwiches, pork pies and umbrellas and brave the English summer for a breath of fresh air.

Similar, but slightly more downmarket, is the picnic’s bigger, brasher, noisier Australian cousin, the barbeque, beloved of families on a Sunday afternoon. But the greatest of British engineering minds have never been able to solve the perennial problem of the unbalanced glass – until now.

These hands-free glass holders, suitable for wine or Champagne glasses, end the problem of juggling glasses with paper plates, tricky gusts of wind or a sudden entanglement with moles.

Coming in packs of 4 and completely reusable, they will revolutionise your picnicking experiences!
One pack of Hands Free Wine Glass Holders contains 4 different colours; green, blue, orange and red.

Please Note: Glass not included!

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