Giant Acrylic Martini Glass 500oz / 14ltr

Free UK Delivery To help make your parties flow with an added sense of merriment, chances are you will have the idea of supplying copious quantities of alcohol! It is rare that you will attend a party without some sort of bar, bottle chiller, or punch bowl readily at hand.

Recognising the importance of beverages at social gatherings, we have decided to help you out by providing just the right drinking accessory! The Giant Acrylic Martini Glass will hold more drink than you could possibly dream of!

When a night of heavy partying is on the cards, then the Giant Martini Glass makes a great place for mixing up a punch or cocktail - mix up a batch your favorite recipe, then line the glass with various colourful fruits and decorations for the ultimate punch bowl!

Use your imagination and who knows what you will come up with! Perhaps you could fill it up with your favourite sweets for your own personal use, or as a novelty party bowl! For a more serene atmosphere, try filling the glass up with water and placing some floating candles or spa lights on the surface, creating a calming light show.

As well as a seemingly endless list of home uses, this massive novelty glass makes a great item to have at corporate events for dispensing free gifts and samples. If your workplace is exhibiting or entertaining, the eye-catching Giant Acrylic Martini Glass is the ideal place to keep your business freebies!

Each Giant Acrylic Martini Glass comes in 2 parts - a flat acrylic base with a metal female screw part, and the bowl and stem as one piece with the metal male screw part. All you have to do is screw the 2 pieces together and your giant glass is ready to use! To ensure they can survive a few knocks, these pieces of stemware are made from 6mm thick acrylic plastic.

Please Note: We do not recommend filling this novelty glass past 2/3 full as it will become very top heavy. If you intend to fill the Giant Acrylic Martini Glass for continual use, please ensure you fasten the bowl to reduce the risk of it toppling over.

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