Clarity Reusable Half Pint Tumblers CE 10oz / 285ml

Free UK Delivery When you're throwing a party, you've obviously going to supply some drink to your guests. Whether you serve alcoholic beverages, or just soft drinks, in the exciting environment of your party there is likely to be a few clumsy hands that can't keep hold of their glass.

The simple solution to losing half your glassware collection are these Clarity Reusable Half Pint Tumblers. Made from a polystyrene plastic, these tumblers can be dropped again and again, but they just won't break!

Styled in the classic conical tumbler shape, the Clarity Reusable Half Pint Tumblers are ideal for any sort of drink. CE marked to half a pint, these tumblers are great for commercial use at events, as well as everyday domestic use.

No need to worry about disposing of these tumblers; because of their solid construction, they are designed to be reused, making them the environmentally friendly choice.

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