Cabernet Champagne Flutes 5.6oz / 160ml

Free UK Delivery Stunning in design and shape, the Cabernet Champagne Flute has a crisp contemporary feel perfect for entertaining. The tall, slim design is perfect for adding an elegant touch to your dinner table, party or home bar.

These flutes have been specially designed as part of a new generation of glasses, making them ideal for both commercial and domestic use. They feature extra shock resistance up to 30% higher than previous generations of glasses, without increasing the thickness of the glass. A very high quality chemical resistance allows Cabernet Flutes to keep their original brilliance after 2000 industrial dish washing cycles.

Especially designed for champagne lovers, the Cabernet features a very thin rim, helping convey the subtlety of the taste and aromas. Just fill it up with some bubbly and let the celebrations begin!

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