Bestway Lay Z Spa 3x SID Air Valves

Free UK Delivery One of the smaller, but more essential components of the Lay Z Spa package, it could be quite easy to lose one of these in the depth of your garden. The SID Air Valves simply screw on to the outside of the Lay Z Spa, and without them, the air would escape!

More importantly, without them you wouldn't even be able to inflate the Lay Z Spa in the first place! They are the only valve that will fit the Air Inflation Adapter Hose for initial set up.

Please Note: These SID Air Valves come as standard with every Lay Z Spa Series 2. This item is for replacement purposes only.

Please Note: This spare part is NOT suitable for use with the Lay Z Spa Premium Series 4 or Lay Z Spa Platinum Series Rigid Wall Spa.

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