Bar Condiment Dispenser & Napkin Holder

Free UK Delivery If you consider yourself a keen cocktail connoisseur, then you can't be without all the right equipment. Although you will need the smaller bits and pieces such as a muddler or decorations like cocktail umbrellas, you will need a suitable place to keep everything together. Of course, let's not forget the food and garnishes. It's no good having to run to the fridge every time you need to grab a slice of lime, or struggling to find your jar of cocktail onions that you were sure you left nearby!

This highly useful Condiment dispenser gives you the opportunity to keep all of your cocktail essentials in one place. The main body is made up of a 4 tray Condiment Dispenser ideal for storing any cocktail foods and garnishes, such as fruits and herbs. The condiment trays feature a clear perspex lid that simply lifts up for easy access.

On the left side of the condiment trays is a napkin tray capable of holding around 100 square cocktail napkins. To the right is a 5 compartment accessories holder, ideal for straws, stirrers and other cocktail necessities.

Constructed from durable chrome effect plastic, the Condiment & Supply Holder is a great piece of bar equipment that you will make you wonder why you hadn't invested in one long before now!

Please Note: Contents not included.

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