Frappe Cocktail Straws Clear

Free UK Delivery If you've kitted out your bar with an army of new cocktail glasses, you will soon find that to make a great cocktail you will need to do more than simply mix some drinks and pour it into a glass. Presentation is a major part of the showmanship of cocktail mixing.

Stick in a few umbrellas, and couple of novelty cocktail animals and it is almost complete - the final ingredient is the straw! No self-respecting cocktail maker should go without a healthy supply of straws.
You could go for the standard long straws, but when you use them in a small martini glass, or a shallow margarita glass you will probably find that they are too big for the job. No matter how much you try, they will just keep on falling out.

The simple answer is a shorter straw especially designed for cocktails - these Frappe Straws are only 4 inches long, making the ideal cocktail straw.

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