Free UK Delivery Imagine being one of those cocktail masters. The kind of person you see behind the bar of a trendy London nightclub, dazzling everyone with some amazing layered cocktail creations.
CocktailMaster Examples
You can spend hours at home with your bottles of spirits, but having the knack of getting each layer of drink to lay perfectly on top of each other isn't an easy skill to master. Now, with the CocktailMaster, you too can become skilled in the ways of the layered cocktail!

An ingenious piece of equipment, the CocktailMaster allows anyone to start making their own layered cocktails. Using a clever float that sits on your drink as you make it, you can easily pour one drink on top of another without the layers mixing!

CocktailMaster It's easy to use the CocktailMaster. Simply pour your first liquid into a glass, then place the CocktailMaster on top of the glass with the ball floating on the first liquid. Add the different liquids, one at a time, to the CocktailMaster. If you follow the rules of density stated in the supplied leaflet, you'll be creating layered cocktail concoctions in no time!

Please Note: The float must be clean and free of traces of fat or oil.

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