Cherry Chomper

Free UK Delivery Cherries might be tasty, but they can be a pain to eat. Attempting to pit a cherry the traditional way often results in cherry juice down your best shirt or a trip to the dentist after spitting one too many stones straight at the bin.

Here to meet your cherry pitting needs is the friendly looking Cherry Chomper. This small chap will happily pit your cherries or olives in one simple motion, ensuring they're safe to eat. To use, simply place your de-stemmed cherry in the Chomper's mouth, push down his head, release and voila, you have a perfectly pitted cherry.
Cherry Chomper Instructions
The rapid plunging component will push the stone through the cherry into the container below, along with any excess juice. Safe for children to use, the front tooth will protect stray fingers from the Cherry Chomper's wrath. Simple and fun to use, this novelty pitter will delight children, while the mess-free and dishwasher safe design will please adults.

Complete with some tasty cherry recipes to get you started, the Cherry Chomper will aid you in baking, dessert making, cocktail decorating or plain old snacking. If you fancy impressing your guests with your culinary skills, why not try baking a traditional cherry pie, mixing up some cherry ice cream or shaking up a cherry martini? And if you ever get sick of cherries, remember you can always pit olives instead!

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