Striped Drink Tokens

Free UK Delivery When catering for an event, it is common that you will need to keep check of how many drinks are allocated to each person. With free bars being popular for weddings, and other special occasions, using drink tokens as payment will ensure no one is allowed more than their limit.

A common method of drink payment is paper tickets, which have the disadvantage of being prone to water damage, tearing, and can be copied. These solid clay-composite tokens are waterproof and washable, meaning they can be easily reused at other events.
These tokens come in a choice of 2 colours, so you can allocate the different colours to different beverages available at your event.

Of course they don't have to be used for drinks; if you have any sort of event, whether it's entertainment-based, or corporate, these tokens can be swapped by patrons for a gift or service you are offering.

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