Neo-Link Create Your Own Neon

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Create Neon words in a “Snap” !

Where can you customise a neon sign at 4pm and have it on your doorstep the next morning before 9am???

Well Drinkstuff can now do this for you. Simply select your letters or words and place your order...

The revolutionary 'Neo-Link' neon sign kit enables you to build your own custom made neon sign entirely to your specification.

Simply slot the letters, numbers or symbols together, clip the locks in place and attach the transformer.

You can select your Neo-Link sign to either be static or flash at the touch of a button.

Each Neo-Link transformer pack comes complete with hanging kit for use on walls or to hang from a ceiling, alternatively you can have it free standing.

Neo-Link requires a minimum of 4 characters be connected together and up to a maximum of 22 characters.

Of course you can buy multiple transformers if you wish to display more than 22 characters.

Each Neo-Link Character use less than 0.5 Watts of power meaning a 20 letter sign will use only 10 watts which is the equivalent to a sixth of an average household light bulb…

As well as the large variety of letters, numbers, punctuation and symbols, we offer you the Neo-Link Power Kit which comprises of a mains power supply adapter and a car adapter kit, for when you want to cruise in style!


Please Note:
Neo-Link characters require a Power Pack to operate.
Please ensure you add the "Power Pack AC Adapter" to your basket with your chosen letters.
Pink and green neon letters are now on clearance while stocks last!

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