Acrylic Hiball 15oz / 430ml

Free UK Delivery If you're serving up your own special version of a Long Island Ice Tea, you might find your guests spill almost as much as they have consumed by the end of the night! To avoid large cleaning bills and potential cut fingers, this Acrylic Hiball is the perfect alternative to your regular glassware.

Despite being made of acrylic and therefore lighter than average glass, this hiball features a sturdy, heavyweight base to reduce the risk of it toppling over. If your glass does topple over, you won't be left picking shards of glass out of your carpet, as the durable acrylic can withstand more knocks than most.

Washable and reusable, these hiball tumblers are the perfect substitute to your usual glassware, whether you're hosting a cocktail party, BBQ or large event. With the look of real glass, these acrylic hiballs will be the hot topic of conversation over a cool mojito.

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