Professional Cocktail Kit Set

Free UK Delivery Every bartender has to start somewhere, which is why the Professional Cocktail Kit is perfect for any budding cocktail mixologist. You'll soon be astounding punters with your sleek layered cocktails and gastronomic delights.
CocktailMaster Examples
This indispensable cocktail set contains the CocktailMaster, an innovative piece of equipment that will help you create layered cocktails with ease. Also included in this kit is a stylish looking ice bucket, complete with a handy steel ice scoop.

Not forgetting all the essential cocktail tools, this kit features a red knob cocktail spoon for mixing and creating layered drinks, a 35ml stainless steel thimble measure, steel ball pourer which serves an exact 25ml shot and a free flow pourer to help you serve like a professional.

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