Martini Shaken Not Stirred Cocktail Set

Free UK Delivery You too can drink like an international spy with the [email protected] Martini Shaken Not Stirred Cocktail Set. Inspired by James Bond's classic line, this Martini Cocktail Set contains all the ingredients you need to create a Classic Martini.

This set includes the essential Manhattan Cocktail Shaker for mixing and straining ingredients, a Freeflow Pourer and Jigger Spirit Measure for serving spirits and a Twisted Mixing Spoon for mixing other types of martini. The Stainless Steel Martini Glasses bring a unique look to your martini, perfect for serving this classic cocktail in style.

Bought separately, these items would cost you £23.22, meaning that with this pack you are saving a total of £4.23! For that you could buy a some cocktail decorations for your drinks!

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