Boston Cocktail Shaker Set

Free UK Delivery It's time to step out of the shadows of the cocktail making world and step up to the professional world of bartending. The Boston Cocktail Shaker Set from [email protected] has been compiled using only the finest cocktail equipment to help you create the perfect range of drinks for party guests.

No self respecting cocktail maker goes without a Boston Shaker, and ours is complemented by a classic wooden Cocktail Muddler for crushing some solid ingredients, and a Hawthorne Cocktail Strainer to ensure your final drink isn't full of unwanted lumps. To help give you some extra cocktail choice, the Boston Cocktail Shaker Set includes a Mixing Spoon with a twisted stem; this make layering cocktails easier for a more impressive finish.

Bought separately, these items would cost you £22.96, meaning that with this pack you are saving a total of £9.97! For that you could browse our cocktail accessories range to enhance your set!

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