Bar Stools

Pod Bar Stool Black - From £44.99

With a polished chrome base, steel frame and tough-yet-comfortable ABS plastic seat, the Black Pod Bar Stools, with their moulded curves and smooth construction, wouldn't look out of place in a modern art gallery! [more...]

Faux Leather Crescent Bar Stool Black - £74.99

The Faux Leather Crescent Bar Stools are built for comfort and stability. The soft padded seat provides a pleasant place to sit while the smooth curved backrest offers support and holds your body comfortably in position. [more...]

Zed Italian Breakfast Bar Stool Black - £49.99

Relax in style with the Zed Italian Breakfast Bar Stool, the perfect addition to any kitchen breakfast bar or home bar. The padded seat top is upholstered in a black faux-leather and rests upon a sleek Z shape chrome leg with footrest. [more...]

Pod Bar Stool Blue - £44.99

It's all very well having a new bar to store your favourite drinks, but what about when you need to entertain? You'll never be a top host if you leave your guests standing! With a gas-lift mechanism allowing height adjustment, the Pod Bar Stools allow you to customise your own comfort. [more...]

Crescent Bar Stool Black - £59.99

The Crescent's large round seat provides a secure perch for relaxing and working. It has an adjustable gas lift swivel system, foot-rest and back rest that offers good support. This stool takes its name from the crescent shape gap beneath the back rest. [more...]

Faux Leather Crescent Bar Stool White - £74.99

The Faux Leather Crescent Bar Stool effortlessly manages to combine comfort and style to offer the perfect addition to your home bar or breakfast bar. The curved backrest offers support with the faux leather upholstered padded seat providing a comfortable place to sit. [more...]

Cushion Bar Stool Black - £69.99

There's no need to compromise comfort for style with the Cushion Bar Stool. It has a luxurious padded seat top that's so comfy you might find yourself staying at the bar for a few extra drinks. The contemporary design makes it the perfect addition to your home bar, games room or breakfast bar. [more...]

Pod Bar Stool White - From £44.99

The crisp, cool colouring of the White Pod Bar Stool helps to give your home a fresh look that will compliment any surroundings. Suitable for any required placement, these stools feature a gas-lift leg allowing you to adjust the height of the seat and footrest for maximum comfort. [more...]

Pod Bar Stool Yellow - £44.99

Bringing a ray of sunshine into your home, the Yellow Pod Bar Stools are a surefire way of helping you wake up while enjoying your morning coffee sat at your kitchen breakfast bar! The bright yellow ABS plastic seat of this stool provides the ideal place for your posterior. [more...]

Pod Bar Stool Red - £44.99

If you believe you've got a fiery personality, then your home should compliment you. Dull, boring colours just don't match the exciting person you are! These vibrant Red Pod Bar Stools stand out in any crowd and just shout to be noticed! [more...]

Crescent Bar Stool Grey - £59.99

Topped off with a grey seat, the Crescent bar stool looks fantastic, the chrome and the grey work very well together and set this stool apart from the others. An almost futuristic style makes this perfect for any modern home wanting to kit out their bar or even breakfast bar. [more...]

Faux Leather Crescent Bar Stool Red - £74.99

The Faux Leather Crescent Bar Stool provides an attractive addition to your kitchen or home bar. The wide cushioned seat is the perfect place to rest, while the curved backrest offers comfortable support. The Crescent caters for everyone with a gas-lift mechanism and 360° rotation. [more...]

Zenith Bar Stool Black - £99.99

The stylish and contemporary Zenith Bar Stool, with full swivel capability and a smooth gas lifting mechanism, finished in chrome and available in a black finish, would not look out of place in a designer furniture store window. The Zenith is an ideal addition to any home bar or breakfast counter. [more...]

Zenith Bar Stool Cream - £99.99

Offering both style and comfort in equal measure, the Zenith Bar Stool is perfect for placement in your kitchen or home bar. Finished with a chrome leg with integrated footrest and topped with a comfortable padded faux leather seat top, the Zenith provides the perfect place to relax. [more...]

Zenith Bar Stool Brown - £99.99

The Zenith Bar Stool lets you relax in style. Finished in brown faux leather, this stool is ideal for placement in contemporary environments. The chrome base offers 360° rotation and a gas-lift mechanism for seat height adjustment. [more...]

Zenith Bar Stool Red - £99.99

In a vibrant red finish, the Zenith Bar Stool makes the perfect addition to any contemporary home. Designed for comfort and style, the Zenith features a padded seat upholstered in faux leather with a curved backrest. [more...]

Crescent Bar Stool White - £59.99

Clean bright white is a great look for any home wanting to create modern style, and the Crescent Bar Stool finished in white stands out as much as the moon itself! A perfect combination of white against chrome make these stools look fantastic, and will suit any modern home bar. [more...]

Casino Bar Stool Black - £169.99

The Casino Bar Stool is one of the most comfortable stools we have ever had the pleasure of sitting on. This top quality stool would make a great feature to any home, office, kitchen or bar. [more...]

Cuboid Bar Stool Black - From £49.99

If you want comfort combined with simplicity, then look no further than the Cuboid Bar Stool. The use of modern materials brings this classic stool design into the twenty-first century. It offers a hassle free perch for eating and drinking; it can be used from any angle and moved with ease. [more...]

Cuboid Bar Stool White - From £49.99

The Cuboid Bar Stool provides a comfortable seat to prop yourself up against a bar to relax after a long day. Suitable for use in pubs, bars and restaurants, the Cuboid features 4 sturdy stainless steel legs that hold a comfortable padded seat top upholstered in white faux-leather. [more...]

Venus Bar Stool Black - £44.99

The Venus features a black seat top which is manufactured from faux-leather with soft padding. The stem, foot-rest and base is manufactured from chrome plated steel. This stool also features gas-lift swivel mechanism for adjustable height and practical use. [more...]

Venus Bar Stool Cream - £44.99

Add some style to your home with the Venus Bar Stool. With a sophisticated cream finish and stylish wave seat top, the Venus won't look out of place in a contemporary kitchen or home bar. The faux leather seat is finished with a swivel chrome leg with footrest and is height adjustable. [more...]

Java Bar Stool Black - £59.99

Get back to the coolest time in modern history with this 1950s American diner style bar stool! Prop yourself up at your imaginary diner and rock around the clock in comfort on this padded faux-leather bar stool. [more...]

Ridge Bar Stool Black - £79.99

This highly comfortable bar stool features a padded seat top, upholstered with a sleek black faux-leather, which is ideal for relaxing at your home bar, or placing in your kitchen for a luxurious place to enjoy your breakfast! [more...]

Ridge Bar Stool White - £79.99

Not only does the Ridge Bar Stool provide a highly comfortable place for you to let your feet recover from the day, the sensuous curve of the seat top places them at the height of contemporary design for practical home furnishings. [more...]

American Dinerware Bar Stool - £59.99

As you entered a retro diner back in the 50s you had to make the choice of which gang you would be part of, the greasers or the socials, but underneath this youth culture clash was something which would out live them both. The great design of these retro American diner stools looks like its right out of 50s America. [more...]

Grid Bar Stool Black - £79.99

When searching for the ideal accompaniment to any kitchen counter or home bar, the Grid Bar Stool lines up perfectly. The Grid Stool encompasses comfort, function and style to provide a unique stool that would suit any contemporary home. [more...]

Grid Bar Stool Cream - £79.99

With this padded gas lift bar stool you can almost imagine you're up in the clouds! The Grid style seat top provides a comfy perch for all your social habitual needs; eating, drinking and chatting. Featuring a robust, modern design, the Grid Bar Stool is ideal for propping up breakfast counters or home bars. [more...]

Bottle Top Bar Stool Silver - £49.99

When kitting out your home bar, you've got to choose the right furniture to make sure your pad is where everyone wants to end up after a night out! To keep with the bar theme, the Bottle Top Bar Stool presents itself as the obvious choice for comfortably placing your posterior! [more...]

Crescent Bar Stool Red - £59.99

Standing out finished in red the Crescent bar stool never looked so hot! The bold red gives great contrast against the chrome leg and base, great for those wanting to kit out their bar with stools that really stand out. [more...]

Casper Bar Stool White - £69.99

Looking like the ghost of bar stools past, the Casper is a slick, all-white stool that adds a new dimension to any living space. Going against the grain of usual bar stool design, the Casper removes the traditional chrome base and replaces it with a full white build. [more...]

Dolphin Bar Stool Black & White - £79.99

Sleek and stylish, the Dolphin Bar Stool is upholstered in stitched faux-leather for comfort and features a single leg and footrest in chrome. The Dolphin Bar Stool is great for anyone wanting a modern looking bar stool; with its simple and bold black and white colouring, this stool will stand out in the bar or at home. [more...]

Carello Stool Black Rose - £369.99

If you're looking for something striking and attractive, the Carrello stool is it, made with a strong hardwood frame covered in a soft leather, ideal for breakfast bars or home bars. [more...]

Captains Pub High Stool - £184.99

A mandatory part of any traditional pub, the Captains Pub High Stool is perfect for setting against a pub bar for punters to enjoy a nice refreshing pint! Made from oak and varnished to a polished finish, these stools help set the mood for a classic British pub. [more...]

Tiffany Acrylic Bar Stool Off White - £399.99

With its unique acrylic legs and backrest, the Tiffany Bar Stool appears like something out of a dream, brought to life to provide you with a place at your home bar! When paired with the Tiffany Acrylic Bar, your home bar area will be instantly transformed into a centre of contemporary design! [more...]

Ascot Aged Leather Bar Stool Brown - From £164.99

Living up to it's prestigious namesake, the Ascot Bar Stool simply exudes quality. Upholstered with an aged soft leather, the frame of the stool is constructed from solid beech and then stained to match the unique finish of the aged leather. [more...]

Ascot Aged Leather Bar Stool With Back Brown - From £209.99

A Comprehensive range of dining and Lounge furniture featuring aged soft leather. All items are flame retardant to crib 5 standard. [more...]

Visor Bar Stool Cream - £499.99

Helping you ease in to your comfort zone, the Visor Bar Stool utilises an organic contemporary design and a luxury foam padded faux-leather seat to create the ideal seating point at your home bar or kitchen breakfast bar. [more...]

Captains Pub Chair - £119.99

An essential part of any pub, the Captains Pub Chair is instantly recognisable as the classic seat of choice for drinkers all over Britain. Ideal for indoor use in a traditional style pub, these chairs are made from oak for certain sturdiness, and are varnished with a polished finish for easy cleaning. [more...]

Palmas Leather Bar Stool Black - From £179.99

Perfect for a wide range of application, these professionally designed bar stools are upholstered in a semi-gloss leather with classic aesthetics. Their professional design and finish makes them ideal for use in restaurants and bars alike. [more...]

Palmas Leather Bar Stool With Back Black - From £239.99

The chic Palmas Bar Stool is upholstered in stylish black semi-gloss leather giving it a smart look and great comfort. Add style and sophistication to your bar, whether at home or in the centre of town, it looks good anywhere! [more...]

Pow Wow Stool Black - £159.99

The Pow Wow has an unusual name, but that's because it likes to be different! These lonesome little stools could almost be organic shapes that have grown straight out of the ground. Fear not, these plastic molded Pow Wow Stools are actually an ideal seating option for almost any setting! [more...]

Pow Wow Stool White - £159.99

If you like to think outside the box when it comes to interior design, then the Pow Wow Stool is the perfect companion to your decor needs. Made from molded polyethylene plastic, this unique pod-like stool is finished is a cool, refreshing white to easily match with any surrounding. [more...]

Pow Wow Stool Red - £159.99

Create a unique look with the Pow Wow Stools. Perfect for use in a trendy cafe, or for a bold look in your home, these stools are molded from lightweight polyethylene making them easy movable, so you can create a different look for each day of the week! [more...]

Pow Wow Stool Green - £159.99

The contemporary Pow Wow Stool features a bold single colour look that allows it to easily blend with any surrounding, whether it's a relaxed trendy cafe, or at home in the kids room. The minimal curved design, matched with the subtle green colouring, makes the Pow Wow stools great for use outdoors. [more...]

Pow Wow Stool Pink - £159.99

Introducing a touch of bright and vibrant pink can enhance almost any home decor setting. Ideal for both indoors and outdoors, this unique plastic stool introduces a cute little seating option for both commercial and domestic use. [more...]

Zeta Chrome Bar Stool Capri Blue - £159.99

Finished with a stylish Capri Blue seat top and chrome finish leg, the Zeta Chrome Bar Stool is ideal for contemporary establishments. Manufactured from high quality materials, this commercial stool is ideal for kitting out your bar, cafe, restaurant or home. [more...]

Zeta Chrome Bar Stool Ember Red - £159.99

With a sleek angled design and padded seat top, the Zeta Chrome Bar Stool offers a stylish and practical design that's ideal for either commercial or domestic environments. Upholstered in a vibrant Ember Red vinyl and finished with a chrome base, this stool is perfect for kitting out your cafe, restaurant or bar. [more...]

Zeta Chrome Bar Stool Ebony Black - £159.99

The Zeta Chrome Bar Stool is ideal for any bar or home looking for a contemporary look. Finished with a stylish black vinyl seat top and angled chrome leg, this stool is suitable for use in commercial establishments such as bars, cafes and restaurants. [more...]

Zeta Chrome Bar Stool Sunflower Yellow - £159.99

With a vibrant Sunflower Yellow finish, the Zeta Chrome Bar Stool will brighten up any room. The seat top is manufactured from hard-wearing vinyl, while the stainless steel leg has a sleek chrome finish, making this stool suitable for commercial or domestic placement. [more...]

Zeta Chrome Bar Stool Grey - £159.99

With a contemporary design, the Zeta Chrome Bar Stool is ideal for placement in modern bars, restaurants and cafes. Manufactured with commercial quality materials including a vinyl padded seat top and chrome finish stainless steel leg, this stool is designed to withstand everyday use. [more...]

Zeta Chrome Bar Stool Sherwood Green - £159.99

With a robust and practical design, the Zeta Chrome Bar Stool is the perfect choice for commercial establishments looking for a contemporary design. The padded seat top is upholstered in a Sherwood Green vinyl and sits upon a stainless steel, chrome finish leg. [more...]

Zeta Chrome Bar Stool Snowdrop White - £159.99

With a classic white finish, the Zeta Chrome Bar Stool offers a contemporary design that's ideal for placement in commercial bars, cafes and restaurants. The stainless steel leg has a chrome finish while the padded seat top is upholstered in vinyl for a hard-wearing professional finish. [more...]

Selva Commercial Bar Stool Black - From £304.99

A well constructed bar stool, the Selva is well constructed and is ideal for use in the kitchen and breakfast bars at home with a commercial use in mind with its rigid design. It has a sleek, contemporary shape that lets this stool fit perfectly into any bar, restaurant or home. [more...]

Selva Commercial Bar Stool Grey - From £299.99

Sleek and stylish, the Selva Commercial Bar Stool is perfect for any commercial or domestic environment. Upholstered in a grey vinyl and finished with a stainless steel leg, the Selva is designed to withstand commercial use. [more...]

Selva Commercial Bar Stool White - £299.99

A simple yet stylish design makes the Selva Commercial Bar Stool ideal for contemporary establishments. Suitable for use in bars, cafes and hotels, the Selva is also ideal for the home. The padded seat top is upholstered in white vinyl and finished with a stainless steel leg with footrest. [more...]

Selva Commercial Bar Stool Red - £299.99

With a bold red vinyl seat top, the Selva Commercial Bar Stool stands out from the crowd. Ideal for placement in your home or in commercial environments, this stool is designed to withstand use in busy establishments. [more...]

Pienza Commercial Bar Stool Black - From £659.99

The swivel Pienza Commercial Bar Stool is a superb stool made for domestic and commercial use, a great addition to a home bar. Its large sturdy base and swivel stem make it both comfortable and secure while its seat and backrest keep you propped up against that bar. [more...]

Pienza Commercial Bar Stool Grey - From £604.99

The Pienza Commercial Bar Stool makes a unique addition to your bar or home. Manufactured in commercial quality vinyl, this seat features a chrome base and distinctive beech leg for a sophisticated look. [more...]

Pienza Commercial Bar Stool White - £604.99

Suitable for commercial or domestic use, the Pienza Commercial Bar Stool provides a sophisticated addition to your bar, cafe or home. The Pienza features a padded seat top with backrest and a unique beech effect steel swivel leg. [more...]

Pienza Commercial Bar Stool Red - From £604.99

The Pienza Commercial Bar Stool has been designed for use in commercial establishments such as bars, restaurants and cafes. The padded seat top is upholstered in a distinctive red vinyl and is finished with a beech effect steel swivel base and chrome base. [more...]

El Camino Diner Stool Black - £239.99

Retro 50s American Diner style bar stool on top of a strong frame makes this a great stool for the home or the bar. [more...]

El Camino Diner Stool Off White - £239.99

Whether you were there or not, you can recreate a 1950s diner look with the retro El Camino Diner Stool. Perfect for kitting out your games room or bar, this four legged stool is also suitable for commercial establishments looking for an American retro feel. [more...]

El Camino Diner Stool Rose - £239.99

Looking like something straight from Grease the Musical, the El Camino Diner Stool is designed with a funky retro American diner look. Perfect for your games room or home bar, the El Camino is equally suited to commercial restaurants and cafes, offering a hard-wearing faux leather PVC finish. [more...]

El Camino Diner Stool Yellow - £239.99

Dine in style with the El Camino Diner Stool in Yellow. With a classic American retro diner look, this stool is the perfect addition to your diner, cafe, restaurant or home. Designed for commercial or domestic use, this stool has a hard-wearing faux leather PVC finished seat top and sturdy stainless steel frame. [more...]

El Camino Diner Stool Ruby - £239.99

Finished in a stylish ruby red, the El Camino Diner Stool is perfect for completing that American diner look. Suitable for commercial establishments as well as in the home, the El Camino is finished with a faux leather PVC upholstery and is supported by sturdy stainless steel legs. [more...]

El Camino Diner Stool Turquoise - £239.99

Complete your diner look with the El Camino Diner Stool in Turquoise. Complete with a white stripe, this American diner style stool really looks the part. Suitable for commercial use, the seat top is upholstered in durable faux leather PVC and is supported by a four legged stainless steel frame. [more...]

El Camino Diner Stool Blue - £239.99

If you're looking to add some retro style to your room, the El Camino Diner Stool offers a funky 1950s American Diner look. The padded seat top is upholstered in hard-wearing faux leather PVC for commercial use and is supported with a four legged frame. [more...]

El Camino Diner Stool Red - £239.99

The El Camino Diner Stool looks like it belongs back in the decade of rock n roll and slicked back hair dos. Inspired by 1950s retro diner styling, this stool is ideal for commercial establishments or at home. Upholstered in red faux leather PVC with a white stripe, this stool offers a comfortable padded seat and backrest. [more...]