Tequila Slammer Cocktail

Pour into a shot.

Serves: 1
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i love a slammer cos i love salt and lemmon and not to forget tequila lol so this is a great drink for me
by vickisticki

You guys are on about Teguila Smash which is similar.
by Adam

Better with Champagne!
by Steph

yea, its 1 part tequila, 1 part soda, leave a bit of the glass empty, then cover the top with your hand and slam it on a hard surface. neck it before it flows everywhere. done.
by pete

Close on how to make it but a little off: Tequila first, seltzer water (or 7-up)second, splash grenadine on top. Cover with naptkin & hand *SLAM* onto table (mixes it up) Enjoy!
by Mark

Kelly, unfortunately you're wrong. That's a very common misconception. What you describe is actually called Tequila Ritual. Tequila Slammers involve half a shooter tequila, topped up with a pop drink. Then you slam the glass on the table with your palm over the top (hence the name tequila slammer) and the whole thing fizzes up and you drink it before it goes everywhere.
by Keelan

a tequilor slammer. . . is a shot of tequilor straight. . . you place some salt on your hand first. then you down ur shot, lik the salt, then bite a lemon! i do these wen i go out lol
by kelly

i prefer tequila with ginger beer for a shooter and i slam it on the table and it fizzes and down it in one
by tam

better made with tonic water - as this has a better taste for the tequila, and when slammed, will fizz up more creating the effect.
by ryan

Excellent drink. . . . . . . wth 'joor ka jhatka dheere se lage' . . . . . . . . base. Tolally refreshing mild drink!!!!!cheers. . . .
by Rash