Skittles Cocktail

Pour all ingredients (bar lemonade) into a cocktail shaker and shake. Pour into a pint glass and top up with lemonade.
Tastes like green skittles!!

Serves: 1
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By: Adie Seward
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by craig

Skittles are yum!Luckily I live in newcastle so its all good from my point of view =]Basement does lovely ones and they are very very cheap. . . as long as you don't mind that fact that Basement is a TOTAL dive!
by HC

Went to see my sister for the weekend in newcastle and after the dykeenies gig at carling academy we went to union rooms and to 'crash' at venue! loved it! and skittles is amazing! (L) wish you could get it down here!
by Alice

had it in the lodge in newcastle but never find it in scotland, considering its colour you would think half of glasgow would love drinking it
by stoob

mmmmmmmmm. . . . delicious skittles best drink ever but why none in the south :( have only found them in newcastle. BASEMENT 3 for 5 yesyes :D
by YuMohAH

Get these all the time in Mushroom in Newcastle. Love Them xx
by Sam K

luv it!!!! wooop am on it 2night in newcastle again xx
by Rach

Still the best drink i've had. Basement Newcastle, 3 for 5. Brilliant.
by Adam

Chase Bar in Newcastle (UK) does this cocktail. Lethal i is. My mate had 8 too many and ended up throwin blue skittles all down himself. What a numpty. lol
by Pete

Still yet to find this drink served in the south! Amazing drink though!!!
by A. Sutton

This is one of the best cocktails ive had, very smiliar to squashed frog!!
by heffer hollie

fabulous stuff! my friend tripped and fell down some stairs after drinking this brilliant drink
by cocknose

Meeeeeerrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!Fanta & skittles is the way forward, whats the deal with the whack green skittle cocktail. . who likes green skittles. . No one!!! you should have a receipe for the orange ones or even the blackcurrent ones. . sort it out mert!Baaaahhhh. . moooooooo. . Patrick Trueman lives. . . what a legend he is!!!! Durka durka!
by fanta boy wonder

Make this drink!!! Do it! do it now! xxx

skittles rulle oosh oosh oosh ooosh. . i am converted. . the world is a better place!!! Cheers Wiggy!!!
by mOoSe