Sex on the beach Cocktail

Shake the vodka, peach schnapps and lemon juice together with cracked ice. Strain and pour into a highball glass.

Top up with cranberry and orange juice.

Serves: 1
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When i throw a dog a bone i don't wanna know good it tastes! Now get your tongue out of my ar$eh0le sweetheart!
by Brick Top

Lovely Drink, sooo refereshing.
by Hannah

i have just come back form salou. and every nite at my hotel i had sex on the beach and it was lovely i cant wait to make it up agin at home x
by ronnie

I really adore and love this drink. You should try it with Tequila included. It really makes a difference.
by Martin

just got back from a fantastic trip to Salou. . were i tried my first cocktail - Sex On The Beach :) was absolutely lovely! they had mango juice, orange juice, cranberry juice, vodka and peach schnapps. . was the nicest all round! try it girls, you WONT be disappointed! xoox
by BABYx

hey, i jus got bak from ibiza n had sum good cocktails, had a version of sex on the beach, was 2parts vodka, 2parts peach schnapps, topped with orange or tropical juice (whichever u prefer) and a dash of grenadine cocktail syrup, its red so wen u put the dash on the top it turns the orange of the juice to look like a fluorescent orange colour looks funky wen u drunk lol gets u hammered too
by christina

Pretty good standard recipe. There are some crazy variations around!
by Mars

This is lovely especially with crushed ice in the summer. . perfect. . . was my first cocktail and has stayed with me as a favourite ever since! Give it a go! x
by Bekki

As a bartender, I love the fact that so many people order this cocktail because its so quick n easy to make. But its only famous for its name, it has to be one of the most borin cocktails ever. . .
by Michael Craig

Nicest cocktail ever, tropical and refreshing.
by Richard - Wrexham

im a bartender great drink big seller on the weekends but add midori with the recipe
by stacey

sex on the beach: it is my favourite cocktail because this cocktail is really sex

My fav drink! Tropical and delicious, a winner every time
by Lotty

A drink that never fails to satisfy ones needs. . . . yum
by Andi

Mike has no idea what hes on about. it is a sex on the beach!
by Bar Pro

Sex on the beach is easily one of the best known cocktails around and that’s not cause of the name. Fantastic cocktail.
by Adam

The best drink on the market! Full of taste and easy to drink!10/10
by Danny

THIS IS NOT A SEX ON THE BEACH IT IS A 'PINK FETISH'. Sex on the beach is made with Chambord and Midori etc.
by Mike

Oooh such a yummy drink! my fave cocktail!
by Tia

I LOVE this drink, a couple of these and you won't feel a thing. . . you don't even taste the liquor, which can be both good an bad!
by Tory

i love sex on the beach. me & my friends have sex on the beach all the time when we go out.
by emma

Pointless, utterly pointless. No solid bonafide recipe, sells because of the name!!!!!!
by Nick Warring

A drink who's name says it all. 3 of these and you won't care where you are.
by Mona Lisa

Sweet, sugary drink with lots of bang. Akin to drinking undiluted snow cone syrup.
by John

famous drink, good tasting and good to get you buzzed
by The anarch

Ive seen this served as a BLUE Sex on the Beach and it was beautiful!
by Lisa

Best drink ever and a famous one in the clubs
by maxime