Rose de mai Cocktail

Shake together all ingredients very well with ice cubes. Strain into a large cocktail glass.

Serves: 1
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'cl' is centilitres!! 1 litre = 100 centilitres
by .....

jeez, in the US and some other countries (well, maybe just America) people don't use the metric system, even if it would be easier. does your three-year old son know what lbs means? it's a cultural thing (btw it means pounds, as in the weight), so just let it slide.
by WOW! slow down

I had to think for a minute about what a cl was. In my country we don't go by liters very often, so be easy on us, conversions are hard.
by No need to get hostile.

I think its a country thing, it maybe different in different countries. I didnt know what a 'cl' was.
by Hmmm...

a center-litre freakeven my own son knows that and hes 3
by ure joking right?

whats a cl. ???
by sexy retard