Lemon & Basil Mohito Cocktail

Muddle Lemon & Sugar. Ad the rest and shake. Serve in longdrink glass top up with soda and garnish with lemond rind.

Serves: 1
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By: Alex Hinchcliffe
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I agree with the Hinchmeister, Queenie is an imbecile, this drink doesn't claim to be an "original" Mohito. Putting Basil in a drink sounds a bit odd, but I won't knock it until I've tried it.
by King Olly

I called it a 'Lemon & Basil Mohito' not and original 'Mohito' for a reason. The Cointrau gives it a bit extra flavour and takes the edge of of this drink. If you dont like it Queenie then don't mix it. . . Don't tell me I got the recipe wrong when I actually created the recipe. Don't get hung up on Geography, just enjoy the drink. . .
by Alex Hinchcliffe

This is not a Mohito!!!!Have you guys never been to Brazil. Cointreau (!) No! No! No!Get the recipe right!
by Queenie