Fuzzy shark Cocktail

Add Peach schnapps, orange juice, and 1 cup of crushed ice into blender. Blend until smooth. pour into glass to with blue curacao. Do not stir.

Serves: 1
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We served this at my son's 18th birthday party . . . . . . What a HIT !!!Lovely -x- (should have got some little plastic sharks to put in the bottom but I guess the PC police would get me for the choking hazard offence !!! )
by An Angel a

Ooooh baby, yeah baby!
by Nicky Welland

I've just had this, and it's very nice, and get's you drunked quite quick. It's a blue green colour (from the blue cureico (sp?) I guess) and goes down faaaaar to well! Cheers!
by JohnneyB

very refreshing and looks well cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Kate - (the flaming one)

a great drink that melts with class. go on have anoter one! you will be afraid to go into the water. . . !
by mick the cocktail maker EXPERT

ya i want to know its colour ful pic
by purusottam mohapatra

Looks f**cking cool and tastes really fruity.
by Karen

i love in drink i like drinkin it
by shelly robinson