Fruit Bomb Cocktail

Ok you actually need to use Stoli Rasberry vodka not rasberry liquer!! Get yourself a tumbler or longstem, ice in first, add the midori, shake up in a mixer the pimms, stoli vodka & your choice of apple or cranberry juice(apple is most popular at work)ok then shakey shakey shakey. Add the mix slowly on to the ice in the glass to create a layered effect, then top with a dash of orange and the rasberries.

Serves: 1
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By: Jay Mcmahon
4.5 35
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Made this for a party at mine, all the of them seemed to go down so quickly, there sooooooo more'ish!!!!
by Dave

A sexy lil stunner to have its got a lot of fruity flavours, top marks!!!
by Jenny

Works well we tried this with the chambord and its quite what u need, hits a certain spot!!!
by Adrian