Flatliner Cocktail

Layer the ingredients in this order:
Tabasco Sauce

Serves: 1
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By: Tim Brandwood
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Worst drink ever! Gross!
by Jordan

Downunder we have it as Sambuca, Tequila and then Tabasco. Feel the heat straight away! After 4 or 5, you really can't stand up straight, especially on an empty stomach. No amount of Lager can cure this one!
by notgreg

Brilliant drink, Tasted gorgeous and made me laugh when all my mates were downing pints of water to cool their mouths down!
by Matt

A great drink for the real man and real women !
by Wayne

My best drink ever, one night me and someone else finished a full bottle of tobasco with all the flatliners. My first five burned like crazy, but after those first few they began to taste wonderful. Be careful not to drink too many, I forgot half of the night.
by Jimmy

My word, this made me want to vomit!!!
by Mike

This is my alltime favourite shooter, only for the hardcore!!The burn is good! Without the burn there is no Flatliner :)
by Gareth

The trick is to have a lime slice on hand to suck afterwards, helps neutralise the tabasco burn.
by Will

had one of these without knowing what it was and my mouth was burning for ages still tasted quite nice though. should have know there was something dodgey when my mate wanted to buy me a drink he never spend money
by steve-orr

I stupidly not knowing what it was ordered 3 of these and downed them all and my mouth burnt like hell, then i orderedanother 3 and this time had a pint to cool me down, after that the night was a blur, this is the ultimate shot
by That Drunk

lives up 2 the name, ur heart flatlines 4 a split second- niiiiiice!!! up the tobasco dose and u wil b flyin after 4/5!
by classy alco!

Great for your mates who think they're tough, up the amount of tabasco and watch them run for the ice. Great fun if they dont know whats in it!
by Milo

Excellent drink, particularly as a chaser to a lager. However would definitely question the measures -should be predominantly tequila, then a quarter-inch of tabasco, and a quarter-inch of sambuca on top.
by knoa