B 52 Cocktail

Layer equal parts in the order given. This is the ONLY way to make a B-52

Serves: 1
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I first tried this in Canada back in 98 it was well new to me and Ive been hooked ever since, its a cool shooter. love it.
by Violette

is this shot done in a wee shot glass? like the kind of glass you put an aftershock or a sourz in?im just starting to try my cocktails out now
by neil

very nice balances off flavours well not too harsh
by Alex

If people are viewing this recipe and aren't in "the trade"; Kahlua first, Then layer the Baileys, then drizzle the Grand Marnier down the side of the glass or over a bar spoon to float clearly on the Baileys. If you float vodka on top of the Grand Marnier (it can be done), this makes it a Russian B52.
by Tom Booze

one of the best cocktails also good if its flaming
by chilledout1

awsome!! my favorite drink, tastes like a chocolate milkshake, but thinner. getts you really f**ked up
by liz